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Routes and Trails  Edit

Looking for a new route to cycle, hike or walk? Find all the mapping resources you need to be active across Toronto and Ontario.

  Hiking/Walking Maps

  • Toronto Hiking offers a variety of hiking resources in Southern Ontario. Join an urban walk, meet up with a tour operator for a trail adventure, or preview over 60 hikes/walks using the website's road maps, photos, trail guides, satellite, and GPS information
  • Ontario Trails Map features an easy to use mapping tool allows you to sort Ontario trails by type of trail activity (e.g. hiking, walking, trail cycling, geocaching, and more!)
  • Waterfront Trail stretches over 1600km along the Canadian shores.  The fully signed Trail is a combination of paths, neighbourhood streets and rural roads. Enjoy the Trail for a quick stroll or as part of a multi-day, long distance adventure. Website features a mobile friendly interactive map

  • Discovery Walk is a program of self-guided walks that link city ravines, parks gardens, beaches and neighbourhoods. Informative signage will help you experience an area's heritage and environment. A mobile app is available


Cycling Maps

  • Toronto Cycling Map is a great resource for planning your route to work, shopping, or just to get around Toronto. The Toronto Cycling Map shows bike lanes, shared roadways, signed bicycle routes and multi-use trails

  • Ride the City is an easy-to-use route finder.  It finds the shortest distance between two points while avoiding roads that aren't meant for biking, and steering cyclists toward routes that maximize the use of bike lanes, bike paths, greenways, and other bike-friendly streets

  • Ontario by Bike Map offers a variety of information related to cycling in Ontario with links to useful cycling maps.  You can plan your day trip or multi-day cycling itinerary with stops at certified bicycle friendly businesses

  • Ontario Trails Map features an easy-to-use mapping tool that allows you to sort Ontario trails by type of activity (e.g. hiking, walking, trail cycling, geocaching, and more!)


The City of Toronto has many other maps organized by topic.