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Get Active: Walking  Edit

Toronto is a walkable city.  It has hundreds of great neighbourhoods and parks to walk, visit and play.  For example, you can walk all year round, on the beautiful Waterfront Trail or explore the PATH, Toronto's underground walkway.

During inclement weather, instead of walking outdoors, why not walk in the mall? Check with your local mall for opening hours and information or see details on the mall movers program closest to you.

Free Guided Walks of Toronto

There are many organizations/parks that offer FREE guided walks throughout Toronto. Here are a few to check out.


Toronto has numerous parks that have great hiking trails.  See how many you can visit this spring!

Here are a few other great places to hike!

Measure your Progress

Fitness apps are a great way to stay motivated.  Individual fitness apps can help you develop a physical activity routine and track your progress, while offering social encouragement for physical activity.

  App Advice

  • There are many different apps – make sure the one you choose is compatible with your phone
  • Download the free version when possible- only upgrade if you want/need the upgraded features
  • Be sure the app has an interface that you are happy with and comfortable using
  • Read the reviews and star ratings
  • Remember that apps can reduce battery life and increase data usage
  • Many different apps have pedometers that make it easy to track and log your steps

Carrot Rewards

Carrot Rewards is a free health and well-being app that encourages you to be more physically active by tracking your daily step count.  You can earn rewards points (i.e. gas, movies etc), just by reaching your daily step goal!



Get Involved

Toronto Public Health has a series of reports on how local communities shape the health of their residents. View the walkable city report to find more information on the connection between neighbourhood walkability, personal behaviour and health.

Conduct a walkability audit (PDF) for your neighbourhood.

Walkability 101: Find out how to make your community more walkable.